“Friday night lights”

So in the recent few months of being new to the college student life, I decided it was about time to make that all important Netflix account. After hearing so much about it I felt I was missing out by not having one and boy was I right!

I must admit, at the start I didn’t know what I was doing, this was all so new and unknown territory. I didn’t know where to start or what to even look for, until I stumbled across “Friday night lights“, a series full of excitement, sport and drama (I mean come on who wouldn’t love it?). I find myself watching one or two episodes, and end up wide awake at 1 o’clock in the morning with four or five episodes watched. I’m starting to think this may become a problem.

This Netflix series is based on an American high school and its football team, but of course, when dealing with high school kids comes drama and romances. At this point I think I could say I am officially hooked, and I have become very fond of a few characters like:

1. Jason Street.

Jason Street was an upcoming rising star as a quarter back waiting to get a scholarship and go pro. But of course with a series like this full of promise that didn’t happen. In the first episode Jason is paralysed after playing his last ever game of football. This traumatic accident just made me like him that bit more.

2. Lyla Garrity.


Lyla was the perfect girl, smart, pretty and popular and head cheerleader. So of course, it would only make sense that her boyfriend was the quarter back and captain of the football team right? (yes, it’s Jason). They were the couple of the school and were envied by everyone, but all of this changed after Jason’s accident. Just to spice things up, while Jason is recovering in the hospital Lyla sleeps with his best friend Tim. Will Jason find out? Of course.

3. Tim Riggins.


Tim, being Jason’s best friend should have some loyalties right? Wrong.. he did the unthinkable and slept with Lyla while his best friend is newly paralysed. So instantly you must think he is an unlikeable character, but he is the exact opposite. He is the tough guy of the team and although he can stab you in the back he never fails to stand up for people and lend a helping hand. This is how he has earned his respect on the team funnily enough.

So if you’re like me and you are completely new to watching series and Netflix I would highly recommend you start with this! I am so happy that I found it and cannot fault it.





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